Get Lost in My Universe

I’ve mentioned my self portrait blog before, but it merits another mention because of the calibre of work featured recently. I’ve had many self portrait projects (PIXAR Portraits, Cinematic Selfies, Tim Burton Selfies) but this current series has been pushing my creative limits — and I love it!

Universe of One is the name of the blog and it features a new character portrait on an almost daily basis. Using just makeup, wardrobe and lighting, I create three-dimensional characters that co-exist in this fictional universe, taking on the emotional burdens, gait and pose of each character.

I draw inspiration from various sources — historical art, ethnic stereotypes, movies and television, books — and then figure out how to put my own spin on them. Making them seem real as possible, suspending belief, is the biggest challenge. If a character even remotely looks like me, I change something until it looks like a different person altogether.

Check out my latest batch of characters and then go and follow the blog:


One thought on “Get Lost in My Universe

  1. First of all, many happy returns! I find your concept and what I’ve seen so far of its execution extremely interesting. We like some of the same things (it’s scary: we use the same WordPress theme) and I am working on a similarly self-obsessed project of my own.

    But I’ve never much cared for people coming out of the blue, telling me how very much they resemble me! So I shall leave it at that. I merely meant to express my enthusiasm for your blog and my appreciation of your work. It’s candy to my eyes!

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