How I took it: Kamal’s Portrait

I hope you’ve been following my self portrait blog Universe of One. One of my recent characters was Kamal, a Moroccan man:

And here’s how I shot it:
What looks like a textured clay wall is actually my vintage anatomy chart hung backwards. The coloring and texture was perfect, but because it only measures 2 feet across, I had to stand directly in front of it to make it appear seamless on camera.

The dramatic lighting was achieved by holding a giant cookie in front of my single light source. If that cookie looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same one I made for my Wong Kar Wai shoot a while back. I simply held it at arm’s length for each shot. It took me several tries to get the light to fall just right, but the effort was worth it. All this while wearing makeup, costume and trying to stay in character — and you thought taking an iphone self pic was tough!

Please follow my Tumblr blog as I post new self portraits almost daily. You might just learn a thing or two 😉


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