Tim Burton Selfie #003

What most people don’t understand about this project is that I’m not re-creating Tim Burton characters. I am not Beetlejuice, Edward, Victor, Jack Skellington nor will I be dressing up as any of his characters. This image definitely draws inspiration from Edward Scissorshands, but that’s where the similarities stop. Similar to my Cindy Sherman series, where I did not re-create her images like so many before, but rather took them as inspiration to create my own versions. These are self portraits done in the style of Tim Burton.

That to me is the proving ground to how well you know a director. Sure, anyone can buy an officially licensed Tim Burton costume (as evidenced by the many Johnny Depp Mad Hatter hats overtaking costume stores) but to create something from scratch that has the same spirit of a Tim Burton film takes much more heart and dedication.

Here’s a behind the scenes shot showing my lighting for those Strobist photographers interested. It’s a simple two-light setup with lots of production value.

I have no idea what I will create next for this Tim Burton project, but I’m already excited to do it.


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