San Francisco, shot by Samsung

Back in November 2011, Samsung gave me the NX200 before it was released to the public to play around with. They were so impressed with my images, they flew me to CES in Vegas to talk about it. It was pretty cool and in the process I fell in love with the NX200. It’s light, has great manual controls and quick focusing — It’s like my point-n-shoot camera and DSLR had a cute little baby!

While I currently use the NX200 as my everyday camera, it hasn’t fully replaced my Canon DSLR yet. I still bring my DSLR around because I have better lenses already invested in it. So yeah, I’m that dork that carries around two cameras with me wherever I go. I am just so afraid of fully letting go of my DSLR, go ahead and laugh!

Shot with the NX200

BUT because I need to have as little luggage as possible for my trip to SF this weekend, I’ll be bringing only my Samsung NX200 to document my adventures!

Vegas, shot with my NX200

I’m excited to document all the beautiful city architecture, oddities and of course my journey to see Cindy Sherman!

Stay tuned for all my adventures — follow me on Instagram for more: @supercheyne


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