Ever Onward, Young Photographers

Last night, my intern came over seeking photography advice. I took the opportunity to provide her with some perspective – I showed her the first headshots I ever shot.

Make no mistake, these are embarrassing for me to show you, but I’m sharing these in the hopes that they inspire you. Everyone starts somewhere and I started my photography journey in 2008, shooting events and actor friends for fun. I mean, look at these photos … I had no concept of lighting, styling and a vague idea of composition and no style at all. My actor friends here, MJ Gonzalvo and Cindy Ramirez, are super talented film and stage actors but my photos did not do them justice at all.

I was disappointed in myself. But I kept on shooting.

Slowly, I started to develop a style and my photography got stronger. The decision to keep improving was what made all the difference. It was through hard work, diligence and passion that I became the photographer I am today.

So chin up, young photographers. I know deep down inside you know this: creative growth doesn’t happen overnight. Just keep shooting. Just keep moving ever onward.

If you have any questions or want advice, feel free to email me: cheyne[@]firebirdphoto.com


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