Work in Progress: Renaissance Men

Previews from a series I am working on, inspired by Renaissance Art and Neo-Romanticism.

One of the reasons I created this series was as a personal challenge to myself. I tend to overlight things, which can make a photo look too overworked and “fake”. I wanted to return to my simple lighting, for there is beauty in simplicity. All the photos in this series were lit with only a single light source – very similar to most renaissance art, most notably by Caravaggio and other masters of the chiaroscuro style.

The other reason for creating this series is because I can identify a lot with the Neo-romanticism movement. Their love affair with the past and lack of adequate conception of the evil in the modern world speaks volumes to me. Each of my subjects clutches a dying flower or fern of some kind, hinting at the romantic death often found in paintings.

I hope to complete and exhibit this series soon.


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