LA Travels via Instagram

I just returned from a whirlwind trip of shooting in Los Angeles. I shot a total of 13 people in a span of five days – that’s a lot of stylized portraits! The unfortunate part is that this was my worst documented trip ever – I hardly took candids. I’m sure all my photographer friends will agree: when you spend long hours shooting, the last thing you want to do is take out your camera again to shoot fun stuff.

Thankfully, I remembered to Instagram everything I was doing, so I have some form of documentation of my adventures. You should definitely follow me on Instagram, my username is @supercheyne

So without further ado, here’s my trip to LA via Instagram:

I arrive in LA and manage to take a flipped image while waiting for Kevyn to pick me up at LAX.

we drive to “Guitar World” to pick up a vintage microphone for our shoot with Joseph Vincent.

I head to Kevyn’s place to iron all the vintage wardrobe for the morning shoot.

I watch “Sky Captain” on Netflix and draw my pose/lighting diagrams.

We arrive at the shoot location at 7:30 am.

Joseph Vincent gets hair/makeup for the shoot.

He entertains us during the shoot.

2 hours later, it’s a wrap!

I have a very late lunch with Joseph Vincent and the models/crew at Chipotle.

I check into my hotel in Burbank, the Safari Inn.

I check out the architecture in Downtown, LA.

I meet up with my friend Martin for dinner in Downtown.

We walk around Downtown at night and check out the architecture.

Next Day, I go walking around Burbank and see this car…

… and then an orange one just like it!

I meet up with Nick, a Hawaii transplant, and have pastries at Porto’s.

I take some goofy mirror pics in Burbank.

I shoot JJ Dubon then head straight to editing in my hotel room.

Next Day, I do a pool shoot with Brandon.

Then at 2pm, I do a bowling shoot with Will

Then I head to K-Town for my rooftop shoot with Toestah.

The Toestah pics turn out just as I envisioned them!

On my final day in LA, I wander around NoHo and find this awesome shop.

This is how awesome that shop is.

I have a quick retro shoot with Teesa before my flight!

Then it’s time to bid LA farewell (for now) and head back to Hawaii!


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