Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge – LA at Night

After a long day of shooting, I mustered up the strength to hang out with my friend (and LA native) Martin. Our plan to go to Disneyland didn’t pan out, so instead we drove into the heart of Downtown, LA and admired the nightlife. Well, it was a Tuesday night, so there wasn’t much people nightlife — but the buildings, oh the buildings and art was so worth it!

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an amazing work of art. It reminded me of my trip to the Sydney Opera House. I never got to see a show in the actual Opera House, but just being near that building made the trip worthwhile. It was the same feeling of awe I had with this amazing building designed by Frank Gehry.

A block from the concert hall was the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Since it was 10:00pm at night, it was closed to the public — but it the courtyard was the most amazing sculpture. This floating wonder was created by Nancy Rubins and is comprised of hundreds of used airplane parts. The merging of the industrial world and the art world fascinated me. The heaviness of the twisted metal merged with the grace of an artist’s brush on canvas. It was arresting and calming at the same time.

I’m glad we skipped Disneyland and explored downtown LA instead. I will definitely return because I know there are more treasures there, just waiting to be discovered.


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