Weekly Inspiration: Adventure

This week’s Photoboxing theme is “Adventure” and it got me thinking about how one man’s boring task could be another man’s adventure. For example if you were one of those Alaskan fishermen, your everyday tasks of venturing out onto the waves and battling the elements for a fresh batch of crab might seem boring to you, but to someone else it could be the adventure of a lifetime. Even something as simple as being a flight attendant or driving along the coast could seem adventurous to a mom who stays at home with two kids. To me, adventure is all about perspective and what thrills you.

Here are some inspirational photos/sites I found that could help you to create your own adventurous photo!

Dave Hill’s adventures
No photographer captures adventure and excitement than Dave Hill. His vision and lighting style is so unique and often leaves people wondering how these epic pictures were created. Fortunately, he revealed some stunning behind the scenes video where some of his most famous photos get disassembled in layers. Now you can see how many elements go into each epic photo. (via VisualNews)

Firefly Gathering

The rolling green hills of Western North Carolina and some of the oldest mountains in the world are the backdrop for the four-day festivities that make up the Firefly Gathering in Hendersonville. Days at Firefly, like other primitive skills gatherings, are spent learning about harvesting wild foods, permaculture, making crafts from available local plants and rocks, processing wild game/road kill using the whole animal and learning the various methods of fire starting using friction. Many of the classes are led by people with years of experience homesteading or living in the wild. (via Featureshoot)

“On a Rock” by Pete Nator

On a Rock

Summertime Adventures in Los Angeles

R J Shaughnessy is a Los Angeles based editorial and advertising photographer represented by Giant Artists. This work is from his latest series, Stay Cool, shot around Los Angeles.


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