My “Culture” Entry

This week’s Photoboxing theme is “culture”. I am an American-born Chinese + Filipino + Spanish hybrid, but I grew up in Hawaii where culture is a mix of all the ethnicities that inhabit the islands. It was too tough to focus on but one ethnicity, so I decided to focus on something that resonated with me personally: my Mao propaganda collection.

I am not a communist, nor a communist supporter — but I know art when I see it. The propaganda posters of the Mao party are beautiful and I’ve been collecting them for over five years along with vintage Shanghai Cigarette ads. So here is my photo and a propaganda poster for comparison:

Yes, it’s anachronistic (someone pointed out my tattoo is visible), and that’s intentional. And while I am photoshopped onto the painting backdrop, I assure you I used makeup to lighten my skintone and rouge to get that cheery communist look.


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