Weekly Inspiration: Film Noir

This week’s Photoboxing theme is “Film Noir” and I am so thrilled because it’s a genre I am quite passionate about. Here is one of my most printed Noir shots:

In my neverending quest to evolve my work, I will attempt to create something different and unique, while remaining faithful to the genre. Here are some inspirational photos/links to help you in creating your own noir photos.

Brick (2005)
One of my favorite takes on Noir. A truly unique vision, whose core resonates with the true essence of noir. I highly recommend this film as research for the genre. IMDB page here.

14 Actors Acting

A short video series by the New York Times. The lighting is beautiful and so very classic “Noir”. Watch them all here. (via VisualNews)

Film Noir Studies is a great reference site if you’re a film nerd like me who like the question the who, what, where and why of the genre.

And last but certainly not least, I need to highlight the awesome work of Jim Ferriera whose noir-inspired portraits are on point and gorgeously done. He has tackled the genre wonderfully and he’s a great inspiration. Check it out!


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