Art in the Park

I was a vendor at the Art in the Park event. It was part of the Find Art Festival, a festival aimed at bridging the gap between art, music and community. It was great to see the park that was once loitered with drug dealers to be active with artists, families and community members.

I spent the entire day sitting behind my table under a giant white tent filled with other artists. There were jewelry makers, clothing designers, painters and the occasional photographer. I had postcards, greeting cards and 8″x10″ prints for sale. I also had vintage wardrobe used in previous shoots. I knew that most of the vendors would be selling women’s clothes and that men are often left out, so I focused my rack on having vintage menswear. It worked as I sold all but two of the menswear items I brought.

A couple friends and former models stopped by. I also took photos of the people who bought vintage clothes from me. I had the most random of interactions — including some giant costumed birds and a guy who just bought a Casio Keytar and needed to play it loudly in front of me — but it was all great fun. Here’s some photos from my epic sitting-down adventure.


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