First Friday Photo Exhibits

Living in the Artists Lofts means we live in a moving/evolving art gallery. Every first friday of the month, we open our doors and let the public into our spaces. It’s our chance to showcase art we’ve recently created and also the creative environment we live in.

My previous First Friday exhibits have been getting more ambitious as each month passes. My space has transformed into a myriad of things — from giant circus tents to giant interactive books. Each transformation is to support the artwork shown.

First Friday is this week and I need to figure out what to showcase. Being both the artist and the curator is a tough job because I want to show everything, but I know they need to be edited and refined. Sometimes I produce entirely new work and sometimes I group together similar work from my existing portfolio. Right now, I’m having a creative block, but I need to magically create a gallery show by this wednesday, which should give me enough time to print/hang everything.

Here are photos of my previous gallery exhibits:

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