Weekly Inspiration: Water

As you may know, this week’s Photoboxing theme is “Water”, so I’ve been researching and studying different ways to shoot water. Here are some inspiring links I found:

What look like foggy landscapes from alien planets, or maybe even the moody landscapes in some Rococo era painting, are actually carefully planned images of aquariums.
 Artist Kim Keever takes fishtanks and using plaster and other materials crafts landscapes within. He then fills the tanks with water, sets up lighting and photographs his aquatic set while adding in powders which form clouds and fog. The results are stunningly surreal… and sometimes even very realistic. (via VisualNews)

Nightswimming images by Day19 (via Feature Shoot)

The Underwater Canine Portraits of Little Friends (via Feature Shoot)

Heinz Maier’s stunning photos of waterdrops


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