The Kauai Megashoot

Me and my team were recently flown all-expenses paid to the island of Kauai to shoot vintage portraits of some very important people.

Having a niche as unique as mine doesn’t always result in a lot of clients, but for the precious few who book me, their experiences are phenomenal and they walk away with photos people talk about for decades.

Coordination of this megashoot took months and included the logistics and wardrobe shopping, but in the end it was all worth it. In 12 hours, we transformed 48 couples with hair/makeup/wardrobe to 1950’s Hawaii. Think Elvis’ Blue Hawaii mixed with Grease. During our shoot, we saw people go from stubborn clients (“I don’t want to wear any makeup”) to beaming models. Couples who had been married for years were ecstatic and told us it was the most fun they’d had together in years. Our client was so impressed and the feedback was so positive, they’re booking us for a future program on another island!

Here are some photos from our adventure.


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