Photoboxing is where photographers duel!

I live in the Arts Community, so I’m constantly surrounded by artist and inspiration. I realize that a lot of photographers today are freelancers or hobbyists and while they love shooting photos, they’re not surrounded by art and sometimes lack motivation or inspiration to make new art. That’s why I created Photoboxing. I created Photoboxing because I got tired of hearing photographers say they had no reason to shoot.

Each week, two photographers go head to head shooting photos conveying a weekly theme. The themes are open-ended, so each photographer can interpret as they wish. After their photos are posted, it’s up to the audience — comprised of photographers amateur and professional alike and their friends/families — to vote for who conveyed the theme best. The winner gets bragging rights, is promoted all over social networks and gets to choose the next challenger and theme.

Although I don’t compete, I do shoot a photo for each weekly challenge. As the ringmaster, I need to embody the brand and rising to the challenge week after week is part of that responsibility. Here are some of my favorite photos from previous Photoboxing challenges.

If you’re a photographer or love creating art, I encourage you to register and compete! It’s fun and it’s the closest thing we photographers have to a sport.


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