Mise en Scéne

A personal self portrait project. Scenes from films that don’t exist, directed by directors you’ve never heard of. My tribute to classic cinema – from “Citizen Kane” to modern masterpieces like “the Hudsucker Proxy“, my style is deeply rooted in their influence, so here is my homage to them.

Each photo took a couple hours to setup, sometimes more if hair/makeup was involved. This project is an evolved version of my Cindy Sherman project, where it’s grown to include more complex lighting designs and set design.

To maintain the film-like “feel” for each photo, I avoided using my fancy speedlights (I normally shoot with my Canon 580EXII) and used simple clamp-lights I bought from Home Depot. These lights helped me to see the light and where it fell off in each shot.

I hope to showcase the completed series in a gallery some day.


2 thoughts on “Mise en Scéne

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